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Welcome to the Walker Agency

Welcome to the Walker Agency. We have been serving Marysville, Arlingtom, Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Smokey Point, Camano Island, Tulalip and surrounding areas for the past 35 years. Our philosophy is "Protect, Prepare, Prevent." It's our goal to assist you to protect yourself, your family and your assets by wisely selecting the appropriate insurance protection. We help prepare you for events that can cause financial hardship by a careful review of your risks. Armed with good information and advice, you can prevent or reduce the likelihood of a loss

  • We promise to treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve
  • We promise to put your needs above ours
  • We promise to advise you of all your options
  • We promise to fully explain anything you don't understand

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Protect • Prepare • Prevent

Nyal Walker

Nyal Walker

Certified Insurance Counsellor / Agency Owner

Over 35 years experience serving the community.

Sarah Emerson

Sarah Emerson


Insurance agent with over 7 years of experience in insurance business.

Gayle Kompare

Gayle Kompare

Personal Lines Specialist

Insurance agent with over 5 years of experience.

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Articles of Community Interest

What does Full Coverage mean?

Most people believe that if their vehicle is covered for liability, collision and other-than-collision (comprehensive) - they have Full Coverage. In reality, there is no such thing as Full Coverage. Why? Because the coverage suitable for an 18-year-old are quite different from the Soccer-mom hauling kids around in her car. Talk to us. We can tailor a plan just for you.

What does Replacement Cost on my home really mean?

That can be different from carrier to carrier. Hopefully, when you got your home policy, you and your agent made sure that all the things that are special about your home are discussed. That way, if your home burns down, there won't be any surprises when it comes time to rebuild.

Is my son covered on my auto policy?

Good question. Is he a full time resident of the home or visiting for a few weeks? Is he a named driver on your policy, but just went out and got his first car in his name alone? Is he away from home at school or on a mission? Talk to us. We'll give you the skinny.


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